What is an auditory physical exam?

The purpose of this exam is to measure how well a patient’s hearing works. The audiometry test is to examine both the intensity and the tone of sounds, balance issues, and other items related to the function of the inner ear. A doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating hearing loss, called an audiologist, administers the test. According to OSHA standards, all employees who are exposed at or above 85 decibels for eight working hours or an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) should consider this test.

Auditory Physical Exam

The importance of the auditory physical exam

According to the statics released by the CDC, more than 22 million workers are exposed to hearing loss each year. Nerve endings are damaged while you are exposed to loud noise. If this exposure continues, your nerve endings will be destroyed over time, leading to permanent hearing loss. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be restored by surgery or medication, and your ability to understand speech is impaired. In this case, you have to use hearing aids.

A regular auditory physical exam will help you know how much you are at risk and what measures you can consider improving your workplace’s noise pollution.


Auditory physical exam in Las Vegas

An employee working in a noisy environment can have their audiometry testing at SNOHC safely. By OSHA regulations, you need to be noise-free for at least 14 hours before the test. The entire process would take about 30 minutes, and it’s painless. Most adults who get hearing tests are asked to wear earphones and listen to short tones that are played at different volumes and pitches into one ear at a time. Finally, audiometry is a test that measures the softest sound you can hear at different pitches. SNOHC physicians identify, assess, diagnose, and treat clients with impairment of either peripheral or central auditory and vestibular function. At SNOHC, we offer a comprehensive hearing evaluation in compliance with the OSHA Hearing Conservation Program requirement, including Standard Threshold Shift (STS).

Keep in mind that there are no specific signs to show that hearing loss is occurring. So do not neglect the Auditory Physical Exam.


What are the benefits of an auditory physical exam?

There are lots of benefits with the Auditory physical exam. They include but not limited to:

  • Increase job productivity
  • Protect the employees
  • Familiarity with safety tools and equipment
  • Improving work relationship
  • Diagnosis of other health issues


Frequently Asked Questions about Auditory Physical

What is Auditory Physical Exam?

The purpose of this exam is to measure how well a patient’s hearing works.

Who should get the auditory physical exam?

If you are exposed at or above 85 decibels for eight working hours, should consider this test.


  1. frank says:

    The staff was friendly enough and got me registered within 10 minutes. I had an auditory test which was easy and only took about 15 minutes.

  2. julia says:

    The staff is very friendly and the Doctor knows what he’s doing. Also I didn’t have to wait much to be seen.

  3. Alison says:

    What do I have to do before the auditory physical test?

    • support says:

      Take a list of medicines you take, clean your ears of wax. You would better avoid the test in case of allergies, colds, sinus, or ear infections.

  4. Sydni says:

    What should I do before an auditory, physical exam?

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