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Covid-19 test for the traveler is available in Southern Nevada Occupational Health Centre for travelers and the residents of Las Vegas. You have come to the city and don’t know the area might be looking for a center to complete a COVID-19 test? SNOHC is your trusted option to take the test. Although no COVID-19 test is 100% accurate, we provide the highest level of accuracy with our tests.

Using drugs and alcohol could be dangerous to the workplace and workers. Studies indicate that drug abuse costs employers around $81 billion per year and causes some critical problems. A drug abuser employee is 3.6 times more likely to participate in an event and 6 times more likely to make a worker’s compensation claim, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse…

Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center offers a wide and complete range of occupational health services including the varicella titer test in Las Vegas. If you need to do this or other tests, you can get an appointment online. Also, refer to the main page of the website.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can go to the Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center (SNOHC) for this test. This center is equipped with the most accurate laboratory devices that provide reliable results in the shortest time. To learn more about other services of this center, you can also refer to the list at the top of the page. In addition, to contact us, you can fill out the form on the right and schedule an appointment online.

This test gives vast information about the respiratory condition of the patient. It indicates lung volume, flow rates, and gas exchange. You may have an underlying disease that you are not aware of. You may feel tired or breathless after a normal activity and receive it as a natural reaction. However, as time flies you will face the consequences.

For a TB skin test in Las Vegas, you can go to the Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center (SNOHC). To get acquainted with our services, you can see the top of the website. SNOHC, with more than ten years of experience, tries to promote occupational health for employees and employers.

In this test, a person’s immune reactivity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis is evaluated. White blood cells in people with TB produce interferon-gamma when it is mixed with antigens.

The test takes about 15 minutes to be completed. It is usually conducted annually. After passing the test, the exact same make, model, style, and size of the respirator must be used on the job.

If your hearing is at risk in the workplace, you need to know the requirements for audiometry. Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA obligates employers to make audiometric testing accessible free to all employees who experience high noisy circumstances level of 85 dB or above.

When you enter the testing center, you should know that your urine sample might be necessary for some tests. It is a good idea to make a list of the medicines you are currently taking before going. Information on the use of contact lenses and the like is also essential. So try to prepare your health history information in advance.

Physical Exams

An injury is an unplanned or unintentional event of getting harmed without prior precautions. Injury can occur anywhere in the body. Injury can be visible if it is a wound, scar, scratch, lesion, or an abrasion.

The insurance company that applies for the IME selects the doctor to perform the assessment. Workers also have the right to ask about doctors’ impartiality. You can also apply for an IME if you disagree with your treating doctor’s opinion depending on the rules of the state you live in.

At SNOHC, the existing employees have to take the annual exam which determines the working ability, intellectual capacity, work experience and the exposure to the occupation. This exam basically evaluates the person through his work experience and the intellectual capacity.

An employee working in a noisy environment can have their audiometry testing at SNOHC safely. By OSHA regulations, you need to be noise-free for at least 14 hours before the test.

SNOHC has been performing respiratory testing services for +15 years in Las Vegas. To know more about services performed at SNOHC, you can navigate through the menu of this website. For more information, please either call us or contact us through the form.

Pre-employment testing is performed after the candidate has applied for the job position. In this way, the employer can better choose the right candidate for the job position.

At SNOHC, we have been performing Hazmat Physical for more than 10 years. For further questions related to Hazmat Physical, please visit the subcategories on the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experts.

Fit for Duty testing is legal. Employers have a legal right to be sure that employees will perform the tasks safely.
It should be noted, however, that according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability cannot prevent a worker from doing the job’s essential functions, and employers cannot discriminate against hiring a disabled worker.

Scientific studies prove that exposure to asbestos is associated with several diseases, including cancers. Mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer are the three primary diseases associated with asbestos exposure.

In the case of Needle Stick Injury, the SNOHC team of experts in Las Vegas will take an emergency measure to ensure that they can stop the spread of the disease.


Laboratory services include a combination of tests performed on specimens of the body (for example, blood and urine). The purpose of these services is to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases. Some clinical laboratory services that help diagnose and treat diseases include:

Hepatitis B can lead to serious liver infections. Fortunately, most people with hepatitis B recover completely, even if they have severe symptoms. You should know that there is no medicine for hepatitis B.

Both vaccines protect against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, but in different age groups. Children under seven should receive DTaP, and people over seven should receive Tdap.

Here, at Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center (SNOHC), we provide a complete of worker’s health and safety services, including vaccination services, to help your employees. To get any further information about services performed at SNOHC, you can navigate through the menu of this website.

Although evidence has shown that the MMR vaccine does not harm the fetus, it is not recommended during pregnancy. You should also avoid becoming pregnant one month after vaccination.

The varicella vaccine contains an active immunizing agent that causes the body to make a protein called an antibody against the varicella-zoster virus. In this way, long-term immunity is achieved.

Laboratory services include a combination of tests performed on specimens of the body (for example, blood and urine). The purpose of these services is to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases.

The MMR for women planning for pregnancy

MMR Titer Test in Las Vegas

The MMR Titer Test helps you find the answers to these questions: Have you received the MMR vaccine? Is the immunity from the vaccine still present in your body? And do you have measles, mumps, or rubella?

Requirements to pass a dot physical

Before taking the Department of Transportation physical exam, all the drivers and the candidates should consider the following:
The drivers have to have a visual or visual intellectual acuity of 20/40, with or

  • without using corrective visual aids.
  • The drivers should have 70 degrees or more vision in each eye.

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SNOHC is a team of experts to meet all occupational health and workman’s comp demands in Las Vegas. We’ve been performing the best occupational health services in Las Vegas for more than 15 years. Our clients’ trust is the real treasure we hold.

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    We have extensive experience in Occupational Health Medicine and worker’s health and safety in Las Vegas. Our goal is to help employees recover from on-the-job injuries and to provide services to keep them healthy and safe at work. Some of our services are work injury treatment, post-offer physical examination, drug and alcohol testing, DOT physical exam, respirator fit test, X-ray imaging, vaccination, asbestos physical exam, TB testing, audiogram, pulmonary function test ( PFT) , wellness programs, laboratory services and many more.

    Results we achieved by satisfying our clients during the past years in addition to the testimonials we received from them have made us the best occupational health and workman’s compensation clinic in Las Vegas. Contact us and let us keep your occupation safe and healthy.

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    After 15+ years of experience in providing services for Occupational Health and Worker’s Health and Safety, SNOHC is the best place for you to rest assured. Our team is ready to help you to keep your employees healthy and safe.

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    Our philosophy is to promote a safe and healthy work environment to prevent injuries and improve the productivity of all workers. It is our goal to encourage open communication between the physician, injured employees and employers to ensure the highest quality of care.

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    Our mission is to provide excellent care and customer service to all patients and clients in a professional environment.

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    Our mission is to provide excellent care and customer service to all patients and clients in a professional environment.

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