DOT Physical Exam

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all Commercial Motor Drivers to complete a DOT Physical Exam. In this exam, a certified NRCME physician evaluates a person’s physical and mental health to ensure that no medical conditions will prevent their ability to drive and operate a commercial vehicle safely.

Before applying for this test, you need to know a few tips. What should you do before the test? What does this test include? Where do you go to do this test in Las Vegas?

At SNOHC, we provide same-day DOT Physical Exams with no appointment required. With us, you can experience shorter wait times and hassle-free & cost-efficient services.

What is a DOT Physical Exam?

Companies can not hire drivers without a valid DOT card. DOT physical exam ensures drivers will be safe on the road and compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


Who needs a DOT Medical Card?

Everyone who is in one of these groups needs to pass a DOT Physical Exam:

  • People whose job requires carrying hazardous materials
  • People drive motor vehicles with over 10.000 pounds of gross weight
  • If you are going to operate commercial motor vehicles
  • You drive a motor vehicle that takes more than eight people


What are the requirements to pass a DOT Physical?

New DOT Physical Requirements In 2020:

Before taking the Department of Transportation physical exam, all the drivers and candidates should consider the following:

  • The drivers must have a visual or visual intellectual acuity of 20/40, with or without corrective visual aids.
  • The drivers should have 70 degrees or more vision in each eye.
  • The drivers should be able to hear a forced whisper within the perimeter of 5 feet, but without using any corrective hearing aid.
  • The drivers should pass the compulsory audiometer assessment.
  • The drivers should not have a history of high or low blood pressure. The blood pressure should be 140/90.

Those who meet the requirements and pass the test receive a DOT certificate valid for 24 months. If you must do this test, consider the following:

  • Complete the Medical Examination Report before your visit to save time.
  • Have a comprehensive list of all the medications you are taking
  • This Medical Exam is not covered by insurance.
Infographic DOT Physical Exam

What does a DOT Physical consist of?

1. Vision Test
Drivers must have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction. They need at least 70″ peripheral in the horizontal meridian, measured in each eye.

2. Hearing Test
Drivers must understand what is well-known as a “forced whisper” at a range of 5ft or less by hearing aid.

3. Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate Check
The medical examiner will examine the driver’s blood pressure and pulse to look for disorders in blood pressure and unusual heartbeats.

4. Urinalysis and Drug Test
A urinalysis is mandatory. The test looks for underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and drug testing.

5. Physical Examination
The physical test will cover a dozen different categories:

Overall appearance

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth and Throat (to look for irregular things in breathing or swallowing)
  • Heart (extra sounds)
  • Lungs and chest, but not including breast test (unusual breathing, impaired respiratory functions, cyanosis, etc.)
  • Impaired stomach and Viscera (enlarged liver, viscera, muscle weakness)
  • Vascular problems
  • Genito-urinary (hernias) vein reorder
  • Extremities (limb impaired)
  • Spine and other bone-related diseases (back surgery, limitation of motion, tenderness, etc.)
  • Neurological problems (coordination or speech model, ataxia, asymmetric deep tendon reflexes)


Do you get drug tested for a DOT Physical?

Yes. This test helps diagnose an underlying disease such as diabetes and examines the possibility of drugs. As explained, you must submit a urine sample for this checkup.


How often is a DOT Exam required?

Almost most medical certificates are valid for two years. However, a one-year certificate might be granted if you suffer a medical condition like low/high blood pressure or anything that could affect your performance. After three months, if you improve that condition, you’ll be eligible to get a one- or two-year certificate. And if you have very high blood pressure or other treatable conditions, you may receive a 3-month license.

In some cases, after obtaining the certificate, you may experience problems that interfere with your driving performance. In this case, you must first stop driving and treat the condition. Then do a physical DOT again to make sure you are healthy.


Can you pass a DOT Physical with high blood pressure?

Yes, but as explained, you may be given a 3-month license. Of course, if you recover, you can get a one-year or two-year certificate.

Infographic DOT Physical Exam in las vegas


What can cause you to fail in a DOT physical?

Some conditions disqualify the candidates and make them ineligible to take the DOT physical exam:

  • The candidate has a history of alcohol addiction/sedative drugs.
  • The candidate undergoes a treatment that includes prescribed drugs
  • The candidate suffers from seizures
  • The candidate suffers physical restrictions


What if you fail?

If you can not pass the exam, this does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a driver. Discuss with your doctor your disqualifying condition. If you can improve it with treatment, consider a plan to address it and try again.


How to pass a DOT Physical?

A certified medical examiner recommends the following tips to pass your physical:

  • One week before your exam, eat and drink as healthfully as possible. It reduces or eliminates caffeine, salt, sugar, and junk food. It will balance your blood pressure.
  • Take all your medications as scheduled since irregularities in using necessary medications might lead to incorrect readings during the exam.
  • If you use optical lenses or glasses to improve your vision, ensure your medicine is current and take your corrective lenses to the physical exam.


What should you bring to the exam?

  • Your medical history
  • Glasses or let the examiner know if you wear contact lenses
  • Hearing Aids
  • List of prescriptions medications and current dosage you take

To save time, clinics suggest drivers fill out the health history questionnaire before coming.

Diabetic drivers must bring the newest lab results (their Hemoglobin A1C (HgAIC) and fast blood sugar).

Drivers with heart-related problems must at least bring a letter from their cardiologist that shows they are safe to work.

The DOT exam takes about 45m at SNOHC. The test assures you and everyone else are safe while driving. Relax for this mandatory test by OSHA. Put away your worries, stay active, eat well, and take your medications, if any. You will have no problem with the way to pass a physical.


What happens after you take the DOT physical?

Suppose the medical examiner confirms that the person is qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). In that case, they must provide a copy of the results and complete the Medical Examiner’s Certificate. The ME will also electronically send your medical report to the DOT, and this report will add to the CDLIS.
Suppose a driver cannot update his medical certification with the SDLA before it expires. In that case, CDLIS will notify you that you are no longer medically certified to drive a CMV and will downgrade the driver’s license to “non-CDL” status. A DOT medical card is proof of passing a DOT physical exam.

If a driver cannot meet the requirements for the Vision, Diabetes, or Physical Impairment part of the DOT physical, they may be eligible for a driver exemption.


What is a DOT card?

If you can meet all the requirements for this test, certified medical examiners will issue you a DOT medical card, which is valid for a certain period. Without this card, you will lose your CDL.


DOT Physicals near me

Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center offers a comprehensive and complete range of occupational health services, including this DOT Physical Exam in Las Vegas. You do not need an appointment for this exam; you can walk in during regular business hours. Also, refer to the main page of the website.


Frequently Asked Questions about the DOT Physical

How to pass a DOT Physical?

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Take all your medications as scheduled.
  • Bring with you items like glasses, hearing aids, and contact lenses.

What is a DOT Physical?

A physical examination determines if a driver can operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle safely per FMCSA requirements.

Do you get drug tested for a DOT Physical?

Yes, and we also conduct a urinalysis. This test helps diagnose a disease such as diabetes and examines the possibility of drugs.

What do they do for a DOT Physical?

DOT Physical Exams include a vision test, a hearing test, a urine test, a blood pressure & heart rate check, and a comprehensive physical exam.

How much does the DOT Physical cost?

We offer competitive prices for our DOT Physical. Please call us at (702) 380-1712  to obtain a current price for that service.


  1. jan says:

    I have done this test because of my job. The things you mentioned are true. Thank you for your article.

  2. jerry.po says:

    Any issues I have had have always been handled timely and fairly.

  3. Kiefer says:

    How could I fail the DOT physical test?

    • support says:

      There are many reasons that could cause failing the tets like high blood pressure, drug use or alcohol use, diabetes, poor eyesight or hearing, Cardiovascular or respiratory disease are some of them.

  4. John says:

    What happens if I fail a DOT physical?

    • support says:

      If you can not pass the exam, it does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a driver. Discuss to your doctor about your disqualifying condition. If you can make it better with treatment, consider a plan to address it and try again.

  5. Mat says:

    My colleagues suggested taking the DOT test here and I’m glad I did it.

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    I just quit smoking marijuana for a new job. In Nevada do I need to wait until it is completely out of my system before I take the urinalysis? Will it fail automatically? I just want to be sure.

    • Supporter says:

      The effects of marijuana usually last from 1 to 3 hours, but marijuana can stay in the body for days or even weeks after use. Organs in the body have fatty tissues that absorb the THC in marijuana. In general, standard urine tests can detect THC several days after use. In people who use heavily, however, urine tests can sometimes detect THC for several weeks. Contact us for further information, please.

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