What is QuantiFERON test? When do we need it?

The QuantiFERON test is a blood test that can detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is an alternative to the PPD skin test. It is convenient as it only requires a single visit for TB testing. A blood sample is collected from the patient, which is then incubated for 16 hours and then analyzed for signs of TB.

Why QuantiFERON test can be better?

Well, most of the people want to know about the benefits which are associated with the QuantiFERON test for diagnosis of mycobacterium tuberculosis:
  • QuantiFERON test requires only one visit to conduct the test. It means this is the single visit test which can be conducted for detection of TB.
  • with QuantiFERON test, results could be available within the duration of one day or 24 hours. The test is quite simple and you would be able to get results quickly as compared to other Tb detection tests. Only single visit, one tube and 24 hours are required to know the results of your QuantiFERON test.
  • QuantiFERON test does not boost the response which has been measured by any other subsequent test.
  • Previous BCG vaccination cannot result in a false-positive interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) result of the test.
Although QuantiFERON test is a relatively new type of TB testing but now it is being preferred by more people due to the efficient, reliable and most accurate results as compared to other TB detection tests. However, it is highly important to understand that for QuantiFERON test, the blood samples have to be proceeded within the duration of 8 to 30 hours after collecting them.
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