How to encourage a hesitant family member to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Convince your loved one to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Does your loved one hesitate to receive a COVID-19 vaccine? We get that you are so concerned about it. However, don’t think that there isn’t any remedy. You can do some tips to encourage the members of your family to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

On this blog, we intend to walk you through some tips to convince your loved one to get a vaccine so that the safety of society is not threatened.


Why do we need to encourage people to get vaccinated?

Despite all the selective things, such as one’s outfit, sexual orientation, or anything else, some conditions affect the whole community. For instance, when a disease such as Coronavirus is widespread, neglecting the matter will only worsen the situation.

Not only will refusing the vaccine threaten your life, but it will endanger the lives of people you love. So, trying to making clear the vitality of receiving the vaccine is to the benefit of everyone.


Listen to them carefully

There may be multiple reasons why one refuses to get a vaccine, including personal causes. First thing first, try to listen to their concern and be empathetic. If they refuse to tell you about their concerns, make them aware that you are looking for ways to help them out.


Cite the facts

Misinformation is one of the bulkiest obstacles to prevent people from getting vaccinated.

Although there are almost all kinds of freedom in America, no one has the right to put other lives in danger. Some people think that because the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are made of genetic material, they change the DNA, which is scientifically impossible. You can even clear the fact that vaccines are effective on new variants.

If the person is worried about the vaccine’s safety, try to prove your words by showing them original articles and news. But, unfortunately, some of the myths are spread by social media and are not authentic.

Some are concerned because they fear the side effects the vaccine may bring along. However, some side effects such as pain in the injection site, fever, or headaches are extremely typical after receiving the vaccine. That’s a good sign as your body reacts to the injection, and it proves you are healthy and the treatment is working.

Some people may be worried because they think the vaccines were authorized very soon. Try to show them evidence that they have passed all the required steps to get authorization and have been successfully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Hence, they meet all the crucial standards.


How to counter a misconception?

Be careful about how you counter a myth or a misconception as they may follow one after another, and citing it will only make the mind focus on the myth. However, there are some handy steps you can follow to influence the person the way you want:

  • Start with the fact: COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Warn about the myth.
  • Talk about the myth.
  • End with the fact and evidence.


Help them think of others

Help them get the fact that by getting vaccinated, they will protect themselves, their family, and society as well. Some part of the population won’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine (children under 16). Another part is infected with the virus but does not have any symptoms. The vaccine will prevent the spread of disease to more vulnerable people.

Try to remind the person of vulnerable people in their family, such as children or the elderly, and tell them they have responsibility for their health.


Assume they are going to get vaccinated

Having a quarrel or shaming the person will only worsen the condition. You should only do what you can do and let them decide. Just tell them: “let’s get vaccinated,” as you had assumed it by default. This is called presumptive communication. So far, this method has proved to be successful.


Get vaccinated in Summerlin, Las Vegas

If you follow the steps, there’s a big chance they would get convinced to get vaccinated. However, suppose these steps don’t work. In that case, you can get to Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center so that our physicians talk your loved one through getting vaccinated, providing them with medical reasons.

We also have Moderna vaccine available for you, and you can make appointments on the same day you call. Before getting vaccinated, some tests shall be performed to ensure you are in a stabilized condition. Just give us a call on (702) 874-4769.

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