You have got a remote working job. It’s great that you don’t have to wake up early, face the traffic, getting to work issues, stress, and so on. It’s wonderful to work from home. But, everything has its pros and cons so is the remote working. You might experience a few problems while working at home. Your knowledge is your best equipment to prevent problems and has amazing remote work.

The article brings you useful tips for remote working and how to make it effective.


How to make remote working effective?

The distance between your bed and your office might be only four steps in remote working. But you could get exhausted or things can become a bit boring.

The following tips help you to become effective and productive.


Purchase the required device

Begin with buying the required device which you are going to need. Your device plays a vital role in effective remote working. As a precaution, check it before getting to work if you currently have one. You might need to update its hardware or install new software on it. Then you will have to install the necessary apps to stay in touch with your colleagues.

Depending on the company which you are working with, these apps differ. However, most apps that get utilized nowadays are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Know how to work with them well to avoid unwanted problems. You might have to fix a few issues with your team.

The following apps are common for effective remote working:

  • Cloud storage
  • Note-taking apps
  • Security tools
  • Screen recording tools
  • Screen sharing software


Make a to-do list

Before starting your work, you should make plans so that your mind will get more disciplined while remote working. It will facilitate the act of getting rid of the “Zeigarnik Effect” and think more clearly. You can spend the right amount of time on each task and avoid missing deadlines.

Prioritize your tasks and begin with the most important ones. “Eat the largest frog first.” This way, you will follow the lead and won’t get disturbed along the way, and you will meet all the tasks before the deadline.

Set daily goals and share them, so your mind will be obliged to track them. Apps like Trello can help you to organize your tasks, set reminders, deadlines, etc.

Try to estimate the time each task will take and not get interrupted from the route. If you are not sure how practical or realistic your schedule is, consult with your manager. To do that, you can use the relevant apps for scheduling or even use a little notebook. After finishing every task, tick it and give yourself a high five.


Office setup

You know that there are too many distractions at home in case of remote working. For me, the bed and the phone are the biggest ones. Some people might name books, movies, children, pets, and neighbors. You should find the quietest place in your home and make it look like your office.

Counteract sitting at a desk all day

Use a proper desk and chair. The most suitable chair for you can be a “Task chair”. A task chair is specialized for work. The benefits of this kind of chair are:

  1. Promotes good posture
  2. Promotes productivity
  3. It’s highly adjustable for different kinds of body

The proper desk for you is the one that lets your elbows make  90 degrees with your arms. Try to keep out the irrelevant things from your desk and reduce the decorations.


Try waking up at a specific time. Wear official outfits so that your mind figures out it’s time to work.

Working in the bed while lying down makes us sleep; working in pajamas might do the same. Try using a device whose keyboard and screen are apart, so you won’t have to bend your back and neck. Place the keyboard in a proper place in which your hands feel comfortable. Bend your elbows and knees at 90 degrees. You can locate a cushion behind so that you will feel more relaxed.



Make an effort not to stare a long time at the screen. To do that, you can use the 20-20-20 rule. This way, after gazing 20 minutes at the screen, you should look 20 feet away and stare at the subject for 20 seconds.

Extensions like Screen Shader could also help you to adjust your monitor’s light. So you will have less eye strain.

You can use a footrest at the bottom of your feet to support them. If you cannot buy one, you can use a high cushion or a short stool. Discomfort can be a massive distraction for work. Use a footrest, in addition to a better posture. You will reduce the exhaustion, and you won’t get accustomed to putting your foot around the other, which in the long term causes varicose veins.

Try locating all the stuff you need in your accessibility so that you won’t get distracted from the job.


Take breaks

Try to stretch your neck, arms, and legs every 40 mins especially if you are remote working for a long time. Dehydration could lead to serious problems.

Try to drink water and eat nutrients that increase your brains’ function. For instance:

  • Oily fish
  • Dark chocolate
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Whole grains
  • Coffee
  • Avocados
  • Peanuts

Don’t forget to live life. In your beak times, try playing with your children and having chats with people. It could increase your productivity. You can exercise, listen to music, watch short movies and generally do your hobbies during the day. Communicating helps you overcome tiredness as well.


Take security more seriously

There are always confidential pieces of information that you should not share with anybody while remote working. So, do not place your computer in front of a window.

Close (or lock) the door as you leave the room for any reason. Use high-security passwords for your device. Low passwords may increase the opportunity to get discovered, and it will endanger your confidential information.

If anything unusual is happening on your computer, contact your manager immediately. For more security, try to avoid clicking on the anonymous links. Before calling your colleagues for job matters, make sure no one hears you. You can close the window as long as you speak on the phone.


Care about your privacy

On the other hand, make sure there is nothing personal around you during the video call so that your boss or other colleagues can see it. If you are working with your personal computer under your manager’s permission, install antivirus and up-to-date windows.

I recommend you don’t use it for individual tasks. If something happens to your device, all your information will be lost. The second reason is that your acquaintances may send you messages at the time of work and disturb you.


Discuss things for remote work

If you are remote working, you should discuss the situation with your manager. Ask him/her what time you can stop working. In case of floating work time, work during the quiet time. If you face critical issues at home, it’s better for you to talk with your manager, so there will be a mutual understanding.


Talk to your family

Talk about your work condition with your partner and children. Make them understand that you cannot play or spend time with them during work hours. If that didn’t work for any reason, hang a “Do not disturb” sign on the door.

You can also lock the door if necessary. In the meantime, you can plan an hour to spend with your family. If there are pets in your house, prevent them from coming inside your room. In case of noise pollution, you can use headphones or earplugs to concentrate on your job at remote working.


Pandemic issues

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, research indicates that remote working increases job satisfaction in employees and develops their abilities, reducing exhaustion and stress. However, the condition differed since some employees chose to work that way. Some others were obliged to due to their circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that teleworking has always had issues, including social isolation, lack of sharing information, and inability to divide personal tasks. Once disturbed by the house’s condition, the employee has to spend much more time working, which causes Burnout (Exhaustion from working a long time). Remote working prevents the colleagues from interacting.

The pandemic has made us all stay and work at home. Undoubtedly some people can not cope with this situation and find it awkward, or can not concentrate on their job at home because of the household’s condition.


How to communicate with your colleagues while working remotely?

Since you are working remotely, one of the best routes to stay in touch with your colleagues is to send messages in the selected app. Feel free to text or call them during work time. Some people do not feel relaxed staying in touch with remote co-workers.

The only difference the remote working makes is the distance. The employee should be accessible during work time, and it is your right to stay in touch with them for important tasks. Try to avoid messages at night or during break time because you will bother them.

In case you are the head of the team, try considering a time for your employees to live. If it’s a crucial matter, you can write it down and tell them the day after. Only for urgent issues, let yourself communicate with them.


Is your job suitable?

Remote working requires discipline, perseverance, and innovation. Try to find an occupation that suits you the best and does not tire you at home, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. After choosing the right job, try to prioritize the critical tasks, and if the time of your work is over, live the rest for tomorrow. Remember, nothing is more vital than your health.


Let’s sum up…

Despite the negative opinions about working remotely, you can easily do it. You can increase your productivity through remote working by following the mentioned tips in the article. Now you can do a flexible job and save the time you used to waste on subway or traffic jams.

Wherever you are working, try to make your health the number one priority. If you need any help with it, Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center is at your service.

We offer a variety of tests and examinations to workers and employers under OSHA standards. The purpose of these examinations is to prevent and diagnose imminent work-related injuries.

For more information about the services of this center, you can refer to the menu at the top of the page or schedule an online appointment.

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