Tests & Screens

Tests and screens are performed as a preventative way to find a potential disease or health problem in someone that doesn’t yet have signs or symptoms. The purpose is to diagnose a condition early enough to treat it most effectively or to reduce the risk of diseases.

Also, tests and screens are important because they are the best way to find diseases or medical conditions at an early stage. This makes the treatment easy, feasible, and less expensive.

Moreover, they reveal risk elements, which is a behavior or a health condition that puts us at risk of developing the disease.

Occupational Tests and Screens

  • Pre-employment physical
  • Post-offer Physicals
  • Post-accident
  • Reasonable cause
  • Random testing
  • Return-to-work
Occupational Tests and Screens

What SNOHC Offers for Tests and Screens?

SNOHC is a facility that offers a wide range of health services to the community and clients. They include, but not limited to, primary health care, occupational health physicals, post-offer physicals, post-accident, random testing, return to work, and drug testing. SNOHC is licensed to ensure that the employers stay in compliance with specific employment policies, and federal regulations that are mandated by insurance. Tests & Screens are specialized to fit the employer’s requirement as well as the client’s needs. Testing at the SNOHC includes Audiometric Testing, Respirator Fit Test, Pulmonary test, Fit For Duty, EKG, X-rays and many more. All these tests can be completed in-house and at your place which provides the clients with convenience and flexibility.



SNOHC physicians provide all necessary and required tests and screens. We could also provide a full consultation with our clients before and after testing if you wish with an appointment. Both individual testing and complex testing are offered at SNOHC.

To make an appointment or get more information, either call us or fill the form below.

Other Physical Exams

Online Appointment!

Online Appointment

Stay Healthy!! Stay Strong!!

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