Can you spread Covid if you are vaccinated?

Many people have doubts about vaccination as they think it may not work against the COVID-19 virus. However, is it just a myth or a fact?

In this blog, we intend to reveal the truth about the COVID-19 vaccine, highlighting the efficacy of vaccines on virus circulation.


When is immunity achieved?

The reason you get vaccinated is that vaccines protect you from getting severely ill or even die.

Fourteen days after the vaccination, you will have significant levels of immunity that will increase little by little. In the case of a single-dose vaccine, immunity happens two weeks after vaccination. For two-dose vaccines, both doses should be taken to reach the highest level of

immunity possible.


Are vaccines 100% effective?

Scientists are still discovering the transmission status of vaccines. However, data shows that the vaccines protect against severe disease and hospitalization. Unfortunately, no vaccine is 100% effective. That’s why breakthrough infections are to be expected.

The latest evidence indicates that vaccines protect from transmission and infection. However, it is not the same for severe illness and death. They are also discovering the variants and whether the vaccines are as protective on them or not.


What to do?

For the referred reasons, you should take the vaccine because many communities are not vaccinated yet. However, you should still keep the distance and follow the protocols until the virus is gone.

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