All you Should Know about Post-offer Physical Examination

The Importance of N95 Respirator Fit Test During COVID-19 Pandemic
The Importance of N95 Respirator Fit Test During COVID-19 Pandemic
November 11, 2020
All you Should Know about Post-offer Physical Examination
All you Should Know about Post-offer Physical Examination
November 11, 2020
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All you Should Know about Post-offer Physical Examination
All you Should Know about Post-offer Physical Examination

How do you make sure the hired employees have the required capabilities to perform the job? Such abilities, particularly physical ones, are crucial to some occupations. Post-offer Physical Examination is to make sure of this issue. It’s worth mentioning that every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. The physical test can stop such injuries at work.

In this blog, you’ll learn all the details about post-offer physical exams. Las Vegas is an area with lots of industries. They are more of a physical type of business. So employers would better know the importance of Post-offer Physical Examination in Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada Occupational Health Center (SNOHC) has provided this article. We hold 15+ years of experience in occupational health services in Las Vegas.


What is a Post-offer physical examination?

The post-offer physical examination is to assure that recruiters for identified positions hold the requirements. It aims to check:

  • Physical capability
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Overall physical fitness

The new employees must do the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable adjustments. Only when you find a recruiter suitable for a job, you can offer a post-offer physical.

The Post-offer Physical Examination is for employees whose work is safety-sensitive. Weak physical performance in some jobs could lead to:

  • Notable incident.
  • Endangering public safety.
  • Putting co-workers, property, or the environment at risk.
  • Damaging valuable goods and stuff.

OSHA has regulated some required vaccines for a few employees. It is for their safety at the workplace. So is the physical ability. To see whether the employee can perform the physical requirements is a must. 

Adopting and achieving an active post-offer physical examination help:

  • Avoid risks. 
  • Decrease employee injuries.
  • Saving time and funds

Recent statistics show that implementing post-offer employment testing has led to 47% fewer workers’ injuries. Post offer has tripled safety compared to not the employers not using it. Making a wise decision by POET will save $10,000 – $30,000 for each employee.


What is the purpose of the post-offer physical examination?

The prime purpose of post-offer physical examination is to assure employees can complete their tasks. They can not achieve physical ability overnight. Employees may be able to perform such tasks well. But you can not recognize some faults by eyes. A worker might be able to lift a 30-pound weight. However, his/her heart rate or blood pressure is a different story. Only the post-offer physical examination can determine the employees’ full function. 


Why is post-offer physical examination so critical?

 There is no end to post-offer physical examination benefits. It is both for employers and the workforce. Here are a few items:

  • Decrease the frequency and harshness of exertional injuries.
  • Preserve the safety of patients and workers.
  • Since you hire the right employee, the number of turnovers will decrease.
  • It forms a standard model of employees’ physical capacity.
  • Recruits will have a clear understanding of the physical demands of the job
  • By decreasing accidents, safety for new workers and co-workers will increase.
  • Check for potential diseases
  • Decreasing workers’ compensation costs—up 50% on average through the first year of employment.
  • Less interruption to production
  • Recognize any issues that may become medical concerns in the future
  • Update necessary immunizations for current employees
  • You could recognize an at-risk person who could become the next workers’ compensation claim.

How Popular is Post-offer physical examination?

 How would you evaluate employees who post online resues? On the age of Remote working, checking recruiters has become more difficult. Not only the personality or resume but the physical capabilities. Not every job is a desk one. However, there are physical requirements for desk jobs, as well. 

The matter of health has become more of a professional job. Employers need Occupational health Centers to make a full check of a candidate. The American Management Association has conducted a survey that shows the Post offer Physical exam has become more wanted in the past 15 years. Employers tend to rely more on DATA rather than personal opinion. There is no doubt with the gathered data through proven experiments. However, personal evaluation can be wrong. 


How to Perform Post-offer physical exam? Do you need to be afraid?

 There is nothing to worry about the Post offer exam. It’s an easy and simple test. It is the usual Occupational Health and Safety test. 

Generally, in the beginning, a nurse will ask you some questions concerning your medical history:

  • Having any allergies
  • Prior surgeries
  • Symptoms of any disease
  • Do you take any medicine, vitamins, medical supplements?
  • How are you feeling at the time of the test?
  • Smoking.
  • Dinking habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Etc.


Then he/she will usually begin the exam by examining your body for unusual signs or growths. You could sit or stand during this part of the review.

Then, they might have you lie down and will feel your stomach and other parts of your body. The health care provider will check the following items:

  • consistency,
  • location,
  • size, 
  • tenderness,
  • and the texture of your organs.


The examiner will use a stethoscope — the listening device doctors mostly have — to listen to various parts of your body. It may involve listening to your lungs while you take deep breaths and listening to your intestines. To make sure there are no irregular sounds, the doctor will listen to your heart.

Then you will go through some of the tests to check physical ability. 

The questions you have to answer 

During a Post-offer physical exam, you have to answer a few questions. The health care specialist will ask you a few questions about your routines and habits, including:

  • How often do they work out?
  • Do they smoke, drink alcohol, or use any drugs?
  • Are they on any diet?
  • Do they feel any unusual pain or discomfort?
  • What part do they feel pain or discomfort?
  • What are their sleeping habits?
  • Do they use any particular drug?
  • How often do they have sex?


What are the risks of the Post-offer Physical test?

Most parts of a physical exam take no risks. Some mild discomfort and pain might happen during a blood test. A small bruise may also develop after you remove it. The bruise will diminish and heal in a few days.

Lots of experts consider a physical exam a great way to develop overall health. However, some believe it’s necessary every year. Some abnormal test results may cause unnecessary worry.


Where and how to Perform the Post offer Physical Exam?

You can complete full physical exams with an occupational medicine provider at an occupational health center. You might need additional screening or image testing. When additional screenings or imaging tests are necessary, they may finish at an imaging center or hospital. Health care offices can perform a blood test to send samples to a lab for analysis.


 Post offer test in Las Vegas

Las Vegas valley is full of employment opportunities. A few other industries have moved to the valley in recent years. They demand new services. The N95 respirator fit test is one example. It is to test whether an N95 mask works properly or not. A few workers, such as construction workers, have to wear one at work. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more important. 

So is the Post offer physical test. Employers are considering more in Las Vegas. They want to ensure the hired worker can complete the job well. Such companies look beyond just a simple test. They want to get close to the ultimate employee. A worker fit for their duties

SNOHC performs both the N95 respirator fit test and Post offer physical in Las Vegas.


Who Can Use Post Offer Physical in Las Vegas?

Anyone who wants to hire an employee with suitable physical abilities can use it. There is no limit to usage. The following are some examples in Las Vegas:

  • Construction companies 
  • Mining
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Etc.

There is a physical performance in every job. So are the requirements for it. Different jobs set various requirements.



The hiring process can be difficult and time-consuming. However, making sure your new employees are physically able to do a job is a must. 

While your employment candidates may seem qualified on paper, how can you be sure they’re physically safe to do the job?

 Post Offer physical exam aims to ensure employees can perform the job.

In this blog, we tried to cover the most common questions our customers at SNOHC ask. We cover a wide range of testing to ensure you hire the right employee. You can find more about our available services on this website under each category. Hope this blog was useful and met your demands, please feel free to ask questions you might have.

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