What to expect during a hearing test?

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How do you make sure of your health? A checkup. What about your hearing ability. Do you know that 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss? Some people become exposed to high noise at work. Hearing will also decrease by aging. The test to make sure hearing is working well is a Hearing Test. It evaluates how well your ears are working.

In this blog, we will explain a hearing test, its importance, the businesses need it, how to perform the test, and more.


What is a Hearing Test?

A hearing test evaluates how well your hearing performance is working. It examines:

  • The tone of sounds
  • Intensity
  • Balance issues
  • Other problems related to the function of the inner ear.

A doctor who practices in diagnosing and treating hearing loss is called an audiologist. He is responsible for conducting the test. The unit for measuring sound intensity is known as decibel (dB). One healthy human ear can hear quiet sounds, such as whispers. These are about 20 dB. A loud noise like a Jet take-off is around140 and 180 dB.

The hearing test is the common people use. It often gets called:

  • Auditory test
  • Audiometric test

In this context, we use the common word hearing test.

An audiometry exam is to examine the patient’s ability to hear sounds. Sounds are different, based on the speed of sound wave vibrations (tone) and intensity (loudness). The hearing process happens when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear. The sound then moves along nerve pathways to the brain.


What are the Advantages of Hearing Test (Auditory test)?

A hearing test will diagnose auditory problems in people exposed to high sounds. The test will recognize changes in the auditory system. Early diagnosis helps better treatment. There is also training for employees. They can learn to:

  • Perform better at job
  • Protect themselves
  • Use tools and equipment better
  • Get familiar with pieces of safety equipment

According to the CDC, damage to the hearing system can be permanent. Restoring hearing ability is extremely difficult. It needs several medical procedures. However, the auditory will not be as before.

Experts advise to stop damage to auditory is best. You have nothing to worry about when following the safety rules. The hearing test is the way to make sure your ears are working properly.

What are the Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

The symptoms of hearing loss could vary. If much depends on your conditions. The symptoms also vary in children and adults. However, you could find it out through:

  • Having a problem understanding dialogue in noisy places.
  • You ask people to repeat their words a lot.
  • People ask you to check your hearing.
  • Skip social conversations.
  • You have to turn up the TV, music, etc.
  • You aks people to speak slowly and loudly.
  • Have difficulty hearing people on the phone.
  • You can not focus while you listen.
  • Have trouble keeping up with a conversation.
  • Etc.


Is Hearing test Obligatory by OSHA?

Yes. According to OSHA regulation, employers have to provide a Hearing test to employees. It is for those who noisy circumstances. The dB of the workplace is 85 or above. The employers have to provide and a regular Hearing test program. The crucial elements of the program include:

  • Baseline audiograms
  • Annual audiograms
  • Training
  • Follow-up necessary procedures.

What is the OSHA standard for Hearing Test?

Exposure to loud sounds for long can damage the ear and can cause hearing loss. Sounds more roaring than 85 dB, such as hearing at a concert, can end up losing hearing after just a few hours. It’s wise to use hearing protection such as foam earplugs if you’re exposed to loud music or industrial noise regularly.

OSHA’s Noise standard (29 CFR 1910.95) obligates employers to have a hearing conservation program. It is for workers exposed to a noise level of 85 decibels (dB), higher over an 8-hour work shift.


Who Needs a Hearing Test?

The answer depends on different factors. We need to mention that the hearing test or auditory test is not limited to workers. Employees exposed to high noises are not the only one to conduct the hearing test.



The adults should also take an auditory test. Please remember their job or working conditions do not matter. The adults should take the test every ten years. You have to begin it from 21. When you turned 50, you have to take the test every three years. It is like a regular health checkup diagnoses common medical problems. The Hearing test does the same for the auditory system.



A hearing test is also necessary for children. Most schools conduct the Hearing test for them. However, you can perform specialized tests in Occupational Health Centers. It is good to conduct an auditory test when you recognize changes in your child’s hearing ability. Children use cellphones, tablets, etc. a lot. They tend to use headphones and listen to music. So, their hearing ability might get influenced. If children use headphones a lot:

  • It will damage their hearing
  • Complete loss of hearing is possible hair cells in the cochlea will get damaged.

If hair cells in cochlea get damaged, hearing loss could be permanent. The auditory test is to ensure the child’s heating system is working properly.



Babies should also pass a hearing test. It is often before the baby leaves the hospital. However, you can not determine the hearing ability of the baby yourself. If you think your newborn baby has a problem, consult with a specialist.


How to Perform a Hearing test?

The auditory test is simple. There is nothing to worry about. The audiologist will introduce and explain the test. They will look through your ears. Wax or other substances can block testing.

They will ask about your background. Then, specialists will ask about:

  • Your job
  • Conditions of your job
  • Habits, particularly listening habits
  • A background of your hearing
  • Any injury or infection that has led to hearing problems.
  • Problems you might have had about hearing
  • Etc.

The audiologist uses an audiogram to test your hearing. Audiologists will play a few sounds listening through headphones. You will press buttons when you hear the sounds. The whole process of the test will take about 30 minutes.

Depending on your case, there might be other tests. The specialist will explain everything. You will get familiar with:

  • Results
  • Preventive measures
  • Medicine
  • Further tests or analysis


After Hearing Test (Audiometry)

After the test, the audiologist will evaluate your results with you. The doctor will tell you about any precautionary actions you should take. The instructions depend on the test results. Such preventive measures include:

  • Wearing earplugs around loud noises
  • Corrective measures
  • Medicine
  • Wearing a hearing aid.
  • More tests
  • Etc.


Who Pays for the Hearing Test?

The employer has to pay for audiometric testing and the interpretation of the results. Companies have to do everything to have the audiometric test conducted during regular

Working hours. Suppose the test takes place during the worker’s hours of work. In that case, an employer is not allowed to decrease his/her wages, salary, or benefits.


Hearing Test in Las Vegas

Companies care about their employes. They want to protect their investments. So they implement different protective methods. The N95 Respirator fit testPost-offer physical exam, etc. are a few examples. They help to improve employees’ and workforce safety. So it is with the auditory test. The Auditory test in Las Vegas has also become popular. What if your employee can not hear what the customer is saying?


What Businesses Need Hearing Test in Las Vegas?

Defining what businesses need Hearing (auditory test) is hard. As we explained above, different people might need a hearing test. However, we will discuss the industries that need an auditory test in Las Vegas.

The following business in Las Vegas needs auditory test more than others.

  • Restaurants
  • Casinos
  • Instruction
  • Mining
  • Teachers
  • Manufacturing
  • Factory Workers
  • Agriculture
  • Armed forces
  • Health care workers
  • Musicians
  • Emergency services
  • Firefighters

The mentioned jobs and businesses are all active and common in Las Vegas. Thousands of people work in them. There is no need for further explanation. Exposing to high noise in all of them is common. People become exposed to high pitch noise for long hours. It can affect the auditory system to a large extent.



Employers are using more tests and screens to make sure of Occupational Health and Safety. The Hearing test is one of them. It is also mandatory by OSHA. It seems the hearing test in Las Vegas has become more popular with businesses and companies.

SNOHC provides a full range of services, including comprehensive evaluations for people of all ages. Our team of trained audiologists does the auditory test. Please contact our experts at (702) 381-3989 for further information. You can get an online appointment form here.

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